Multi-functional Magnifying LED Lamp with 5X & 10X Magnifier

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Craft Tiger invites you to make friends with this Magnifying Lamp-it might be the best buddy you could pick for your office or craft area. It does triple-duty in case your work space does too.

Great for reading, crafting, and keeping your supplies contained!

Here is a list of the features of this lamp:

  • 40 LEDs for a bright light source
  • 5X and 10X magnification to see your work/reading up close
  • Writing implement or paintbrush holders
  • Tray for sticky notes/a note pad
  • Flexible neck bends in any direction

This lamp would be the perfect complement for your craft projects, and is waiting for you to discover other creative uses!

Color: Black

Magnification: 5X & 10X

Number of LED lights: 40

Power: 110V 50/60Hz


We're starting our grand opening off right with a SALE! We have limited inventory but all units are on discount. Take advantage now because when we run out of this batch of inventory, we will raise our rates to full retail (our normal rates are still great!).

Happy Crafting!