36 Rich Colors! Twin Tip Brush & Round Tip Marker Pens

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Craft Tiger is proud to present this vibrant set of 36 marker pens! These twin-tip pens are geared up for value and versatility. One end is a brush-stroke tip for laying down thick lines and filling in larger areas. The other end is a finer, round tip to get details just right.

This marker set is ideal for adult coloring books, journaling, and DIY applications such as scrapbooking, poster and sign-making, and greeting card making.

Try painting over your marker strokes with a brush dipped in water-this will add a watercolor painting feel to your creations. If you've wanted to give coloring books a try, these are the tools you need! Don't wait-get your ideas on paper!

We have only 100 sets available at this great opening rate.

Type: Art Marker

Packaging: Set

Erasable Or Not: No

Package Quantity: 36

Color Quantity: 36


We're starting our grand opening off right with a SALE! We have limited inventory but all units are on discount. Take advantage now because when we run out of this batch of inventory, we will raise our rates to full retail (our normal rates are still great!).

Happy Crafting!