The Basic Brush Set-10 Different Brushes For Use With Paint-By-Numbers and Other Craft Projects

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Craft Tiger is offering a basic watercolor/acrylic brush set in this listing. Includes pointed detail brushes, flat brushes and wedge-tip brushes for a total of 10.

This is a great all-purpose, no-frills set for any application! This set would be a perfect complement to one of our paint-by-numbers.

Handle Material: Wood

Type: Paintbrush

Age: >3 years old

Bristle Material: Nylon

Type: Watercolor/Acrylic Brush


We're starting our grand opening off right with a SALE! We have limited inventory but all units are on discount. Take advantage now because when we run out of this batch of inventory, we will raise our rates to full retail (our normal rates are still great!).

Happy Crafting!