Versatile And Portable Water Brush Set-6 Different Tips For A Multitude Of Projects

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Craft Tiger brings you a set of six water brush pens with an assortment of tips-pointed or flat tips give you the freedom to try all kinds of projects.

Paint a watercolor composition, or practice your calligraphy skills. Fill with water and use with paints or ink. Create invitations, or take these outdoors to capture a landscape.

Versatile and portable, and less mess to clean afterward-they clean themselves with a paper towel! Enjoy the possibilities.

If you've wanted to try painting in watercolor, these are the tools you need. Don't wait-get your ideas on paper!

We have only 100 sets available at this great opening rate.

Age: >6 years old


We're starting our grand opening off right with a SALE! We have limited inventory but all units are on discount. Take advantage now because when we run out of this batch of inventory, we will raise our rates to full retail (our normal rates are still great!).

Happy Crafting!