Colorful, Calming Koi Pond Paint-By-Numbers

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Craft Tiger is offering a paint-by-numbers set -16 x 20 inches of DIY goodness! This beautiful scene is of a colorful koi pond printed on a durable canvas, and includes paint brushes and paints. If you've tried coloring books before, now you can go big and display your artwork. Would also make a great gift for a fellow DIY-er!

This paint-by-numbers is rated Intermediate. The color range is limited, but the design may be challenging for someone if they have not done craft painting before.


Subjects: Landscape/Fish

Material: Canvas


We're starting our grand opening off right with a SALE! We have limited inventory but all units are on discount. Take advantage now because when we run out of this batch of inventory, we will raise our rates to full retail (our normal rates are still great!).

Happy Crafting!